Thesis Titles from Previous Years

 CEU Economics Department, Class of 2008-2009

Anastasia Aladyshevav
U.S. Aid and Economic Growth in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: The Impact of U.N. Security Council Membership

Saida Alikhanova
The effect of monopolization of pharmaceutical industry on health care in the OECD countries

Ecaterina Boboc
Identifying Determinants of Corruption in Health Care: A Cross-country Analysis

Ádám Faragó
Technical Analysis and Liquidity: the case of the Budapest Stock Exchange

Katalin Gáspár
Relationship between unemployment and health

Narek Ghazaryan
Payment System in International Trade and Interest Rates

Grigol Grigolava
Exchange rate path-through to domestic prices and inflation in Caucasian countries

Pavel Gurishev
Effect of Intellectual Property Rights Regime Tightening on Economic Performance: The Case of India

Zsolt Gyongyosi
Internet usage and migration patterns

Mária Hedvig Horváth
Cohort Size Effects in the Hungarian Labor Market

Elchin Huseynov
Does increase in oil prices caused overvaluation of national currency? The equilibrium real effective exchange rate and misalignment in Azerbaijan

Salman Huseynov
Monetary Policy and Inflation Dynamics in Azerbaijan

Matija Jancec
Effects of immigrants on the native force labor market outcomes: Examining data from Canada and the US

Mariana Khapko
The impact of stock market liquidity on corporate finance decisions

Sandor Csanad Kiss
Labor Supply Response to the Hungarian Tax and Benefit System - elasticities on the extensive margin

Xeniya Kramarenko
Employment Effects of Exports in Manufacturing Industries in Ukraine

Olga Krishtab
Unbundling the effect of institutions on innovation activity

Nataliia Laptieva
Information Sharing in the Ukrainian Credit Market: the Impact on Bank Performance and Credit Expansion

Attila Lindner
Motivation Systems and Pay Disclosure Policies: A Behavioral Approach

Miklós Lukács
Bayesian model for forecasting Hungarian inflation:A comparison of the performance of BVAR, VAR and ARIMA models

Aisulu Makhmetova
Does specialization matter for bank financial stability: Evidence on panel data.

Vanja Malasic
Capital markets development and their influence on the capital structure of traded croatian companies

Humaira Malik
Modeling Renewable Energy Consumption

Agota Meszaros
The Slovak Pension System and its Reforms

Naila Movsumzade
Energy prices and energy policy as determinants of investment in wind energy in Europe

Agil Muradov
Disadvantages of Derivative Pricing in Scope of the Global Financial Crisis

Dmitriy Pigildin
Value-at-Risk estimation and extreme risk spillover Between oil and natural gas markets

Barbora Piovarciova
Analysis of unit labor cost and price level within cointegration framework

Ramiz Rahmanov
Do oil price shocks matter for transition economies? Evidence from Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine

Denis Sharapenko
Estimation of Shadow Economy in Russia

Maria Sharmina
Hungarian Green Investment Scheme: a Game Theoretic Approach

Kateryna Stelmakh
The effects of mergers on prices: an empirical analysis of the European car market

Giorgi Tarkhan-Mouravi
Estimating Taylor Type Rules in Central And Eastern Europe

Albena Terzieva
The effect of Corporate Taxation on Foreign Direct Investment in eight EU Countries

Andras Toth
Pricing Gasoline on a Highway: a Natural Experiment

Davit Tutberidze
Welfare Cost of Inflation in the Economy with Inflation Targeting: The Case of New Zealand


 CEU Economics Department, Class of 2007-2008

Fuad Aslanov
The effect of International Integration on the Level of Corruption. A Theoretical-Empirical Approach

Srdan Bejakovic
Determinants of Long Study and High Dropout in Croatia’s Universities

Natalia Bulava
Compulsory automobile insurance law and car accidents in Russia

Yuriy Butsa
Stock Markets Development in Eastern Europe: Evidence from Poland, Hungary, Russia and Ukraine

John Christopoulos
Diesel Fuel Consumption in Europe

Olga Coscodan
Do Migrant Remittances reshape Expenditures in Households? The case of Moldova

Pavel Dokov
Convergence across transition countries. Bulgaria and Bulgarian districts as a case study.

Oben Donmez
The Fisher Equation examined: Implications for the Money Demand in Turkey

Istvan Fazakas
Children's Consumption and Population Aging: a Realistic OLG Model

Boriss Ginzburgs
Institutional Quality and the Composition of Foreign Direct Investment

Péter Hudomiet
Expectations and Savings Behavior

Kateryna Hvozdova
The Equilibrium Real Exchange Rate and Misalignment: the Case of Ukraine

Vaida Jazepcikaite
Baltic Stock Exchanges Mergers: the Effects on the Market Efficiency Dynamics

Gahraman Kazimov
Does corruption restrain Economic Growth? The case of Post-Socialist Republics

Aliaksei Khmurets
Determinants of Sovereign Bond Spreads in Emerging Markets: Recent Empirical Evidence.

Noémi Kreif
The effect of health on retirement decisions in Hungary.

Zsolt Kuti
Capital Flight from the Developing Countries. An investment risk based model

Artem Kuznetsov
Upstream-Downstream Investment In a Partial Integrated Industry

Igor Madzarevic
Should Serbia adopt Euro before entering EU?

Aliz McLean
A Cheap Talk Game with Multiple Audiences

Deimante Morkunaite
The Effect of foreign Ownership on productivity in Lithuania

Mihaela Neagu
Testing Poterba'S Asser-Market Approach to modeling the House Price Dynamics

Nino Papiashvili
Does Competition Affect Firm Performance? Evidence from Georgian Panel Data

Kristina Poliakova
Asymmetric Duopoly with Product Differentiation: A Case of Retail Chain Concentration in Slovakia

László Sándor Procrastination and Life-Cycle Savings: Some Micro-Evidence for Hyperbolical Discounting

Antonina Sevcenco
Corruption in Education: A Cross-Country Study

Gisela Shameti
Estimating Labor Supply In Albania

Ioana Stefu
Estimation of New Keynesian Philips Curve. The Case of Austria, France, Germany, Italy and UK

Andras Toth
Pricing Gasoline on a Highway: a Natural Experiment

Giorgi Verulava
Income Inequality, Property Rights and Investment: The Case of the CIS Countries

Aleksejs Vlasovs
Geographic Wage Inequality in Russia: the Role of Workforce Heterogeneity and Different Returns to Workers Characteristics

Galyna Voloshyna
Estimating Advertising Effects in Almost Ideal Demand System: An Application to Shampoos in Hungary

Anar Yusifov
Oil Refinery Maintenance as a Strategic Decision


CEU Economics Department, Class of 2006-2007

Aida Abdullina
Estimation of the Monetary Policy Reaction. Function of the National Bank of Kazakhstan

Silvia  Anastasiu
Is There A Role For The Balassa-Samuelson Effect In Currency Crises Prediction Models?

Timeia  Ardelean
The Evolution of Wage Inequality In Post-Communist Romania

Vardan  Avargyan
Labor supply in transitional Hungary: a life-cycle setting approach

Peter Bakos
The Elasticity of the Taxable Income. Income Responses After the Hungarian Tax Changes in 2005

Tamas Briglevics
The Fiscal Theory of the Price Level:Evidence from three Central European countries

Ginters  Buss
The Role of Authoritative Media in Economics

Rodica  Calmuc
The Choice of Exchange Rate Regime: Implications for the Central and Eastern European Countries

Giorgi  Chanturia
Does Unmeasured Individual Ability Explain the Existence of Inter-Industry Wage Differentials? Evidence from Georgian
Quarterly Household Data

Alexandru  Constagioara
Consumer Credit Scoring. An Application Using the Hungarian Data Set of Consumer Loans

Botond Dome
Impartiality in Diving. Evidence from European Championships.

Artem  Dzyuba
Clean Energy or Polluting Energy? Real Options Approach to Investment in the Power Sector

Gunes  Gokmen
Does Political Instability induce Corruption?

Jamal  Guliyev
Gender Pay Gap in Ukraine: the Effects of Privatization

Zsuzsanna Gulyban
Wage Inequality and Gender Wage Gap in Hungary 1992-1997

Corina  Haita
Game Theoretic Modeling of the World Oil Market.The Russian Gains from a Strategic Behavior

Cristina  Ianko
Contagion versus Fundamentals in a Panel Data Framework - An Analysis of the Latest International Fnancial Crises

Huseyn  Ismaylov
The Corruption Game

Nona  Karalashvili
Essays on (In)dependence of Judiciary

Ketevan  Kholegashvili
Technical Efficiency of Enterprise Sector of Georgia

Inna  Koval
Occupational Wage Structure and Gender Inequality in Ukraine

Kamran Mammadov
Business Fluctuation in CIS vs. Developed Markets. Theoretic-Empirical Approach

Ion  Miscisin
Retirement in Western Europe: Evidence from Ten European Countries

Anton  Novikov
Human Capital Prices and Wage Inequality in Russia 1985-2004

Ana  Popa
The Impact of R&D on Growth: Cross-country Comparison of Old and Mew EU Members

Miklos  Radnai
The Fair Wage-Effort Hypothesis in a Multi-period Context

Filip  Ravinger
Analyzing Oil Refinery Investment Decisions: A Game Theoretic Approach

Martin  Schmidt
Laws, Morality and Efficiency of Institutional Equilibria

Svetlana Parshina
Poverty Persistence in Transitional Russia

Agnes  Szabo-Morvai
Is Altruistic Punishment in Fact Altruistic? An Experimental Approach.

Istvan  Szep
Concentration of Ownership and Firm Efficiency on the Bucharest Stock Exchange

Bela Szorfi
Development and Regional Disparities. Testing the Williamson-curve Hypothesis in the European Union

Anton  Tayanovsky
Agent-Based Modeling of Cascades on Social Networks

Irina  Varabei
Macroeconomic Effects Of the Recent Oil Price Shocks In Cee Net Oil Importing Countries

Elena  Varteniuc
Inflation Targeting in Romania: a SVAR approach 


CEU Economics Department, Class of 2005-2006

An Lingxia
Trading Volume on Serial Correlation of Stock Returns - Empirical Evidence from Hongkong Stock Market

Atakishiyev Aydin
Self-Employment and Wage Earning: Evidence from Ukraine

Avrutov Vladimir
Value-at-Risk Estimation. Comparison of Different Methods on the RTS Index

Baranouskaya Vera
Discussing the Implications of Opportunity Costs, Inequality in Country Sizes and Uncertainty for Strategic Trade Policy

Csatadi Adam
The Effect of Wealth on Student Achievement

Endovitskiy Dmitry
Lobbying and Infrastructure Development in Transition Economies: Game Theoretical Approach

Giebashvili Eteri
Gender Wage Gap and Occupational Segregation in Georgia

Gui Raluca
The Adjustment of Merger Control to EU Standards Before Accession: The Case of Hungary

Harasztosi Peter
The Responses of Trade Balance to Exchange Rate Movements in Five Central European Countries: The J and S curves

Hou Tao
Research on the Relationship Between Real Exchange Rate Volatility and Economic Openness:  Theory and Evidence with
Cross-Country Data

Ivanyna Maksym
Tax Competition and Governmental Efficiency

Kim Alexandra
The Economic Consequences of Divorce in Russia: Gender Differences

Kocharkov Georgi
Changes of Ethnic Earnings Differentials in Transitional Bulgaria: Underlying Factors

Kolokolnikov Andrey
Size of the Country, Openness, and Institutions: A Cross-Country Study

Lamazoshvili Beka
Gross Job Flows in Transition Georgia

Levay Akos
Modeling the Interaction of Monopolies on Markets for Emission Permits and Natural Gas

Megyeri Csaba
Optimal Procurement on the Hungarian Libaralized Electricity Market

Mshvidobadze Natela
Is zero level of shadow economy optimal or not?

Munteanu Andrei
The Effects on Export Specificity on R&D Investment: Empirical Evidence from Chinese Firm-Level Data

Nagy Noemi
The Behavioral Equilibrium Exchange Rate of the Romanian Leu

Puzanova Lidia
The Impact of Gender Inequality in Division of Labor on Economic Growth

Shodiev Bahtiyor
Time Series Properties of Intra-Day Realized Volatility: The Case of Istanbul Stock Exchange (1998-2005)

Sitanyi Gabor
Mind the Gap? - The Dual Role of Theory and Intuition in the Stock Market

Slanchev Vladislav
Minimum Quality Standards and Agency Costs of Foreign Direct Investments

Starcheva Ralica
The Effects of Exogenous Oil Supply Shocks on Transition Economies: Evidence from Central and Eastern Europe

Szasz Bence
The Effects of Macroeconomic News on Exchange Rates in Hungary

Tsokol Andrii
Monetary Policy Rules in Hungary

Vasilev Aleksandar
Business Cycles in Bulgaria and the Baltic countries. An RBC approach

Zharikova Irina
Studying the "Motherhood Penalty" for Russia in Transition

CEU Economics Department, Class of 2004-2005

Nikolay Angelov
Better Characteristics or Superior Returns?  Why do White Students Work More Often than Blacks and Hispanics?

Armen Arakelyan
Non-Parametric Approach to Estimating the BETA Coefficients of the CAPM

Zakaria Babutsidze

Asymmetric (S,s) Pricing Behavior of Firms and its Implications for Aggregate Output Dynamics Throughout Business Cycles

Olimpia Ciripoiu
Gender Perspective on the Determinants of Women’s Labour Supply in Transition Romania - 1994

Ioana Dan
Matching Versus Structural Change: The Sources of Occupational Mobility in Romania's Early Transition Period

Bekzod Dyiarov
Analysis of Turkey’s Trade Integration to the European Unioun Through the Use of the Gravity Model

Taras Ignatyuk
Russian Pension Reform Overview and First Years Results

Archil Imnaishvili
Analysis of the Monetary Transmission Mechanism is Transition: The Cases of Georgia and Armenia

Batlome Janjgava
Cooperation in the Prisoner's Dilemma Under Evolutionary Settings

Bahtiyor  Khodjayev
Returns to Human Capital and Educational Signals for Different Occupations in Transitional Russia (1995-2003)

Stanislav Kornienko
Post-Crisis Russian Financial Market Performance (1999-2004)

Andris Kotans
Effective Levels of Corporate Taxation in Eastern Europe from 1995 to 2005

Vitaliy Kuzeyev
The Impact of Diversity on Growth in Transition Economies

Nathaniel Light
Foreign Bank Penetration and the Risk-Allowance of Banks in Emerging Markets: How Convincing is the Evidence of a Positive Effect?

Rashid Maksumov
Evolutionary Modeling of Institutionalized Norms in Development Context (Corruption and Policy Consistency Models)

Anna Melnikova
Investment Climate as a Determinant of Foreign Direct Investment in Russia

Hunor Miklos Klein
The Russian Tax Reform

Amin Muradov
Some Stylized Facts of Business Cycles in CIS Countries

Ilze Ozolina
Regulation of Pension System: Case of Latvia

Evgeny Plaksen
The Quality of Contractual Environment as a Determinant of the Investment Acctivity in Contract Specific Industries During Transition

Katarina Polovkova
Price Variation in Slovakia

Jelena Popova
The Application of Artificial Neural Network Technique to Forecasting the Direction of Exchange Rate Movement:
the Role of Market Microstructure Variable

Olga Rastrigina
Intergenerational Transmission of Educational Attainments in Latvia in Soviet Times and During Early Transition

Islam Rizvanoghlu
International Trade Technologies and Factor Prices

Aleksey Romanenko
A Simple Bargaining Model with Risk Averse Agents

Irina Sherbanova
The Price CAP Regulation: Does It Offer a Solution in the Water World?

Grigor Stoevsky
Innovation and Business Performance of Bulgarian Companies (Structural Econometric Analysis at Firm Level)

Bela Szemely
Trade Induced Factor Reallocations and Productivity Improvements

Taavi Toomere
Anonymity in Networks

Timea Judit Tusa
Can the New Brain Drain Theory Soothe Concerns Regarding the Out-Migration of Ethnic
Hungarians from Romania?

Egita Uzulena
Is Stability a Value Under Transition? Job Change Patterns, Marriages and the Wages of Young Men
in Estonia During the Period of Transition, 1989-1995

Hristo Valev
Trade Balance Dynamics in Bulgaria: A Neoclassical Perspective

Peter Simon Vargha
Asymmetric Information Models of Tax Evasion

Anna Vidor
The Effect of Saving Incentives: Empirical Evidence from Hungary

Vladimir Yankov
Endogeneity of the Money Supply Process in a Currency Board Economy and the Monetary
Transmission Mechanism within a Monetary Business Cycle Model

Adam Zawadowski
The Determinants of R&D Expenditure: Why is the EU Lagging Behind?

CEU Economics Department, Class of 2003-2004

Linda Adamaite

The Case for More Realistic Assumptions in Economic Theory

Daniar Aitbaev

The Complementarity Between Modular Software Architecture and Open Source Mode of Software Development

Arpad Andrasi

Parametric Estimation of Value at Risk with the Kalman Filter

Elchin Azimov

The Effects of Oil Boom on Azerbaijan Economy

Anton Badev

Inflation Dynamics in Bulgaria: A New Keynesian Phillips Curve Approach

Vasyl Bandrivsky

Population Aging, Pension and Growth: the Case of Ukraine

Georgi Chinkov

Endogenous Economic Growth in Central and Eastern Europe

Mihai Copaciu

Nominal Price Rigidities: Empirical Evidence From Hungarian Supermarkets

Vadim Dudkin

The Nature and Definition of Money: A Re-Examination Attempt

Roman Horvath

Microeconomic Price Adjustment: Empirical Evidence from Slovakia

Cosmin Ilut

Determinants of Sovereign Bank Loan Spreads: The Role of Credit History

Paulius Joksas

Discretionary Activities in Recent Currency Board-like Countries and the Effects on the Banking Sector

Reimo Juks

The Importance of the Bank Lending Channel in Estonia: Evidence from the Micro-Economic Data

Kristina Karagyozova

The Bank Credit Market in Bulgaria: Factors Behind the Current Expansion and Implications for Financial Stability

Artashes Karapetyan

Leniency Programs and a Model for an Inexperienced Antitrust Authority

Karen Khachatrian

On the Contribution of Game Theory and Experimental Economics to Industrial Organization: Limit Pricing Theory

Gabor Koltay

Policy Alternatives Under Environmental Quality Competition

Ivan Kulikov

The Comparative Assessment of Telecommunications Restructuring in Russia

Bogdan Marola

Costs and Benefits of Adopting the Euro for Central and Eastern Europen countries

Matyas Meszaros

Rights or Certificates? A Comparison of the Emission Rights and Green Certificates

Balazs Murakozy

Does Distance Matter in Spillover?

Marius Ochea

Inflation and Skills-Driven Growth: R&D and Learning-by-Doing Cases

Mariann Rigo

Ways of Financing Higher Education: An Analysis of Income-Contingent Repayment Schemes

Ivan Shalenyk

Earnings Vs. Cash Flows in Accounting as Measures of Firm Performance

Oleg Sheremet

Analysis of Endogenous Growth Model with Pollution and Abatement Sector

Ekaterina Shironosova

Growth in Transition: A Quantitative Survey

Ija Trapeznikova

Joint Determination of the Commutting and Residential Mobility Decisions: Case of Estonia and Lithuania

Sorina Vaju

On the Way to the Market Economy: The Liberalization of Romanian Fixed Telecommunications

Janos Varga

Welfare Effect of Start-up Investment Subsidies offered to SMEs

Violeta Vrinceanu

Liberalizing the Postal Market and Maintaining the Universal Service Obligation. Theory and Practice

Robertas Zubrickas

Lithuanian Business Cycle Regularities and Their Comparative Analysis

Anita Halasz

An Instrument of Regional Policy in Hungary: Partial Evaluation Based on Theory and Empirics

Henrik Kucsera

Markov Perfect Equilibrium and Simple Strategies

CEU Economics Department, Class of 2002-2003

Stanislav Vidovic

Convergence of Prices to the Law of One Price in Slovakia

Agatha Murgoci

The Information Structure of the Foreign Exchange Market. An Application on the Hungarian Currency Market

Desislava Nikolova

Dual Inflation in Bulgaria: What Role for the Balassa-Samuelson Hypothesis?

Vahagn Galstyan
On Growth and Business Cycles in Open Economy

Andras Rezessy
Optimal Disinflation Policies in Transition: The Case of Hungary

Ilcho Bechev
Efficient Market Hypothesis: Budapest, Prague and Warsaw Stock Exchange

Martina Hornikova
Optimum Currency Areas and Shock Asymmetry: A Comparison of Europe and the Czech Republic

István Györke
Host Country Determinants and Effects of Foreign Direct Investments in Central and Eastern Europe

Yevgeniy Stotyka
The Evolution of Antitrust Policy in Ukraine

Péter András Fákó
How Does the Exchange Rate Volatility Influence Foreign Direct Investment Decisions in CEE? - An Econometric Approach

Elitza Moravska
Regulatory System Design for Achieving Competition in the Telecommunications Sector. The Cases of Hungary and Bulgaria

Galyna Petrenko
New Economy and ICT Development: The Case of EU Accession Countries

Masud Akhundov
The Determinants of FDI Inflow in Azerbaijan

Voldymyr Tulin
On the Optimal Price Setting in Menu Costs Models. Imperfect Competition Case

Istvan Jakab
The Common Agricultural Policy and the Future Prospects of Hungarian and Romanian Agriculture

Csaba Toth
Quantifying the Interest Rate Risk of Government Debt.  A Cost-at-Risk Analysis of the Hungarian Government Debt

V. Y.
Speculative Stock Market Bubbles, Monetary Policy and Growth

Sandro Shelegia
Multinational Enterprises and International Trade under Non-Homothetic Preferences

Leon Stacescu
Institutions and Development: The Colonial Case

Crina Pungulescu
Measuring Financial Integration in the European Monetary Union: An Application for the East European Accession Countries

Michael Slavov
Democracy and the Independence of Central Banks

Nikolai Zoubanov
Uneven Growth in a Monetary Union: On the Possible Implications for its Slow-Growing Members

Olena Voloshyna
Buyout Options in Internet Auctions: An Experimental Analysis of the eBay Buy-It-Now Feature

Vahe Sahakyan
Complexity, Bounded Rationality and Decision Making

Zsolt Tulassay
Methodological Reflections on General Equilibrium Theory

Gábor Ambrus
The Evolution and the Nature of Inter-Enterprise Networking within Economic Clusters

Evgueni Zouev
The Investigation of the Validity of PPP in the Long Run: Case of the Countries of the European Economic Community

Miroslav Tomic
Economic Institutions, Nationalism and Rationalism. Case Study: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Oleksiy Kachmar
Optimal Patent Life for the Pharmaceutical Industry. A case of Ukraine

Purnur Agiacai
Working in the Shadows: A Study on the Determinants of Labor Supply in the Informal Economy in Romania

Andrei Stoianov
Effectiveness of the EU Cohesion Policy. Implications for Central and East European Countries

A. Y.
Econometric Analysis of Parametric Credit Scoring Models: A Comparison of Logit, Probit and Feedforward Neural Network

Nikolai Riabkov
Corporate Governance and Firm Performance: Empirical Evidence from Russia

Artem Tkachenko
Returns to Self-employment and Wage-employment Experience in the Wage Sector: Evidence from the Czech Rep.

Giedrius Blazys
Is Labor Reallocation Productivity Improving? Microevidence from Lithuanian Enterprises

Dina Levit
Development of Consumer Credit: Analysis of the Russian Case

Ashraf Hajiyev
Pension System in Azerbaijan: Problems and the Concept of the Reform as a Way to Overcome Them

Laszlo Gilicze
Cooperation, Life Expectancy and Growth in Repeated Prisoners Dilemma

Yulia Guzairova
Deposit Insurance in Banking: Analysis of the Situation in the Russian Federation

Vilmantas Liubinas
Optimal Level of Intellectual Property Rights Regime

Larisa Birukova
TRIPS and Economic Perspectives of Developing Countries: Implications of Institutional Complementarity Analysis

CEU Economics Department, Class of 2001-2002

Vilen Lipatov
On Effectiveness of Tax Policy in Changing the Long-run Growth

Pavel Vacek
A Quest for Equilibrium Real Exchange Rate of the Czech Republic

Urska Kolar
Relative Prices and Inflation in Slovenia

Mircea Trandafir
Modelling State Capture and Reform Decisions

Ekaterina Feoktistova
Explaining the Informal Sector and Its Consequences for the Growth Through Tax and Corruption: Dynamic Modeling Approach

Geza Ambrus
An Alternative Reference Pricing Strategy for the Hungarian Health Insurance:  Econometric Modelling of the Hungarian Market for Antibacterial Pharmaceuticals

Kinga Elo
The Very Nature of FDI - Analysing Foreign Direct Investments and Related Government Policies under Country Risk

Irina Grigoras
The Influence of Taxation on the Adjustment Strategy of a Monopolistic Firm

Olexiy Zhakhovsky
Stock Market Crashes

Julia Fulop
The Main Patterns and Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in Central and Eastern Europe

Diliara Bakhtieva
On the Validity of Life-Cycle Hypothesis of Saving in Transition: Evidence from Russia

Stanimir Morfov
Optimal Currency Composition of Net Foreign Debt: The Case of Hungary

Szilard Benk
Business Cycle Properties of a Cash-In-Advance Economy with Costly Credit

Vladimir Chichko
Modeling Network Effects with Product Quality Differentiation

Karin Andruskova
An Investigation of Purchasing Power Parity: The Case of the Scandinavian Countries

Desislava Rusinova
Transition from Monopolistic Towards a Competitive Industry: The Case of Hungarian Telecommunications

Peter Kondor
The Intervention Game: Advantages of Uncertain Intervention Policy

Pavel Jankech
Analysis of the Effect of the Charitable Contribution Deduction on Charitable Giving Within the Profit and Utility Maximizing Frameworks

Reka Rozsavolgyi
Hungarian Labour Market Flexibility: A Productivity Based Approach

Nand Shani
A Current Account Analysis of Transition Countries Using the Intertemporal Consumption-Smoothing Approach

Vladimir Bozukov
Banking Regulation in a Model of Optimal Number of Loans

Viktor Todorov
Investment Horizon Effects in the Presence of Estimation Risk: The Case of Hungary

Alexandr Erenburg
Ultra High Frequency Data Modeling in Financial Econometrics: Intraday Trading Frequencies Analysis

Ruxandra Visan
Gross Job Flows in Romania, Industry Versus Service Sector

Cristian Litan

The Wage Effects of Ethnicity in Romania: A Study Case

Dragos Petre
A Dynamic Approach to Stochastic Network Effects

Maryna Kopteltseva
The Determinants of Corporate Capital Structure in Transitional Economies: Empirical Results from Russia

Raluca Miron

Productive Efficiency in Romanian Manufacturing Firms

Eva Suranyi
The Dynamics of Labor Demand.  An Empirical Study of the Hungarian Industrial Sector

Gregor Langus
Optimal Portfolio Allocation.  A Nonparametric Approach to Estimation

Natalia Akhmina
Employment Determination in Ukrainian Industrial Enterprises

Radu Mihai Balan
Determinants of Self-Employment in Romania

Horia Braun-Erdei
Does Openness Really Matter for Inflation? Cross-country Evidence

Gergelyi Ujhelyi

Emission Trading and the Stability of Environmental Agreements

Boris Borissov
Determining the Impact of Uncertainty on Investment for a Firm in Russia: Empirical Investigation

Kalman Bozzay
Catching up of Transition Countries in Health Status

Jozsef Puruczky
A Value-at-Risk Approach to Evaluating Banks' Consumer Loan Portfolios

CEU Economics Department, Class of 2000-2001

Ilia Nemirovski
Inter-Regional Migration in Russia During Transition: General Dynamics, Compensating Income Differentials and Determinants

Mark Rubtsov
Empirical Examination of the Cox, Ingersoll and Ross Term Structure Model

Stanislav Bojkov
Market Power and Internet Backbone Market

Rositsa Haritova
Models of Insider Influence in Bulgaria

Razvan Vlaicu
The Expectations Hypothesis of the Term Structure: Tests on Hungarian Zero-Coupon Yields

Csaba Zsarnoci
Strategic Barriers to Entry in the Hungarian Banking Sector

Gueorgui Artemov
Bankruptcy Costs, Creditor Passivity, and Enterprise Restructuring in Russia

Kirill Chernomaz
Financial Development and Growth: Empirical Analysis of Transition Experience

Cosmin Crisan
Bank Mergers in Europe.  Two Public Policy Issues

Ferenc Farkas
Competition Versus Cooperation in Business

Vitalyi Vandrovych
Two-corner Hypothesis for Exchange Rate Regimes and Transition Economies

Biliana Raykova
The Currency Board in Bulgaria: Causes, Debate, and Implementation

Ondrej Vychodil
Ownership Concentration and Restructuring in Czech Manufacturing Sector

Sergey Litvinov
Deterministic Chaos in a Nonlinear Model of Exchange Rate

Mircea Marcu
Regulatory Policy and Telecommunications Development in Central and Eastern Europe

Denis Glushkov
Internet Pricing: The Optimality Paradigm and the Flat-Rate Persistence

Svitlana Lyakhovka
Rectructuring of Electricity Supply Industries: The Case of Ukraine and Russia

Peter Iliev
Trade and Credibility Gains in a Model of Currency Unions.  The Case of the Central and East European Countries

Valentin Popovici
Hedge Funds Impact on Currency Crises

Sebastian Tcaciuc
Testing for Efficiency in the Hungarian Equity Market

Rostislav Samotsvetov
Horizontal Concentration and Vertical Disintegration.  A Study on the Impact of IC Technology

Sergei Mizenine
Russia at the Dawn of the New Millenium: Case of Dutch Disease

Szilard Pafka
Multivariate Diagonal FIGARCH: Specification, Estimation and Application to Modelling Exchange Rates Volatility

Bisser Bankov
Institutional Aspects of the Bulgarian Privatization Model

Krassimire Atanassov
On the Way to a Real Stock Exchange Institution. The Bulgarian Case.

Andras Sebestyen
Stock Market Demutualization and Integration

Aron Jaszberenyi
Auctions on eBay

Svetla Vitanova
Reputation in a Model of Capital Taxation with Incomplete Information

Annemarie Iara
Is Self-Employment Inclination Influenced by the Choice of Hours of Work? Evidence from Hungarian Data

Oleg Erokhin
Optimal Inflation Tax in Endogenous Growth Economy with Costly Credit

Ioan Florin Olaru
The Equity Premium Puzzle in a Monetary Economy with Durable Goods

Alina Grigoras

Inflation Targeting

Miodrag Kondic
Recovery and Transition of Yugoslav Economy

Robert Ene
Assessing Dollarization - An Application to Latin America and Central and Eastern Europe

Stoyanka Petrova
A Sequential Approach Towards the Copenhagen Economic Accession Criteria: The Case of Bulgaria

Ventzsislav Pentchev
Can Macroeconomic Stabilisation be Dangerous?  The Financial Crises in Turkey in 2000-2001

Tatiana Kravtseniouk
Merger Regulation in the Transition Economies of Central and Eastern Europe: Theory and Practice.  The Cases of Hungary, Romania and Slovenia

Borbala Balint
Is the FDI the Main Determinant of Export Growth for Hungary?

Cecilia Hornok
FDI and Trade in Central and Eastern Europe: Substitutes or Complements?

Krassimira Iordanova
Trade Implications of CEECs’ Accession in the European Union

Marijus Kersys
The Long-term Consequences of Alternative Privatisation Strategies: The Case of Corporate Governance in the Baltic States

Zornitsa Pavlova
Development in the Structure of Corporate Ownership and Control in Bulgaria: A Discussion with Reference to the Bank-Based and Market-Based Models of Corporate Control

CEU Economics Department, Class of 1999-2000

Katalin Bognar
An Essay on Trading Mechanisms - Auctions and Non-linear Pricing

James Perry
Policies for Regional Economic Convergence in the European Union: An Analysis of the Economics, the Institutions, and the Outcomes

Zoia Ivanova
Electricity Supply Industry: Its Regulation in Theory and Practice

Vitalyi Pruzhansky
Determination of the Optimal Tax and Punishment Rate in a Signaling Model of Tax Evasion

Biljana Stepanuleska
Small and Medium Size Enterprises Towards Efficient Sub-Contracting: Comparison Between Greece and Hungary

Ruslan Goyenko
Institutions of Contract Enforcement: Designing Self-Enforcing Contract

Stefka Petrova
Reputation Effects and Their Applications to Economics

Erika Maria Magyar
The Emerging Internet Commerce

Simona Pop
Reform of Corporate Governance: Tool or Constraint on Enterprise Transition?

Cristian Dezso
Joint Ownership and Incentive Functions: An Inherent Method of Regulation

Helmuts Azacis
Effect of Tax Rates on Growth Rates: With Reference to Latvia

Tokhir Mirzoev
The Economics of Trust, Social Capital and Corruption

Ioana Cernivcean
Internet Development and Pricing Mechanisms for End-Users

Svetla Hristova
Corporate Governance in Bulgaria

Marcin Piaskowski
Optimal Executive Stock Options Grants

Martin Podhorsky
Exchange Rates Volatility Transmission Within the Visegrad Group

Laurentiu Mihailescu
Stock Prices and Inflation: Evidence from Hungary and Poland

Mikhail Ruderman
Assessing Vulnerability of Banking Sector in Selected Countries of Eastern Europe

Dobromir Tzotchev
The Equity Markets in the EMU Countries and the Process of European Integration. Estimation of the Industry and Country Effects

Desislava Dragomirova
Currency Board Arrangements and the Way to EU Accession - The Case of Bulgaria

Gheorghe Silberberg
Regulation of Natural Monopolies under Incomplete Information

Peter Bodnar

Contagion and Transparency

Alexei Chilmeister
Russian Capital Flight as Portfolio Choice

Nikolay Iskrev
Economic Growth in Transitional Economies

Adam Szeidl
Social Conventions, Local Interaction and State-Dependent Mutation

Martin Kahanec
Institutions, the Financial Sector, and Economic Growth in Transition Economies: An Inquiry into the Mechanics of Interactions

Cristina Bodea
Political Corruption: A Discussion

Petr Grishin
Fundamental Factors and Self-Fulfilling Expectations in the Explanation of the Russian Financial Crisis of 1998

Calin Nicolae
International Trade and Income per Capita: An Empirical Analysis of the Causality Issue

Jozef Mikulec
Liquidity and Investment Decisions in Capital Markets of Transition Economies (The Case of Slovakia)

Anton Nakov
The Effect of Inflation on the Effective Capital - Labor Ratio, the Real Wage - Real Interest Rate Ratio, the Rates of Investment and Employment, Productivity and GDP Growth in the US Economy: 1959 - 1999

David Skhirtladze
The Phenomenon of Corruption, its Causes, Development and Consequences

Serghei Kosinov
Evaluation of the Role of Social Networks in the Organizational Structure of a Firm: an Agent-Based Computational Model

Olga Lazareva
Managerial Ownership in Russia: Determinants of Evolution

Michal Pakos
Equity Premium Puzzle and Durability of Goods

Ekaterina Stepanova
The Role of Occupational Segregation In Gender Pay Gap in Russia 1994-1998

Petra Stepankova
Income Maintenance Policies, Household Characteristics and Work Incentives in the Czech Republic

Ciprian Alexandru
On Interconnection Pricing in Telecommunications in Eastern European Countries

Valentin Marinov
The Effect of Tripartism on the Unemployment Insurance Programs in CEEC

Miklos Koren
Institutional Framework of Currency Boards Arrangements. Comparative Macroeconomic Analysis

Krisztina Molnar
Financial Sector`s Role in Inflation Growth Relationship

Arnisa Abazi
An Inquiry in the Evolution of and Exit from Self-Employment in Hungary

Darja Borsic
Determinants of Intra-Industry Trade in Slovenia

Omar Moussaev
Model of Spatial Agglomeration of Economic Activities

CEU Economics Department, Class of 1998/99

MA Theses

Andreas Merz
"Are the EU Accession Candidates (CZ, H, PL) Economies Ready to Cope with Competitive Pressure and Market Forces within the European Union?"

Nikolay Cholakov
"International Human Mobility in Transition Economies"

Barbara Nestor
"Evidence on Inflation and Growth (The Rise and Fall of Stagflation and Growth Consequences of Inflation Stabilization in Transition Countries)"

Yevhenyi Kompanyiets
"Comparative Analysis of the Development of East Asian Economies and the Causes of Their Recent Financial Crisis"

Varoujan Khachatrian

"Purchasing Power Parity Doctrine: Theory and Implications for Transition Economies"

Lyubomira Anastassova
"Institutional Framework of Currency Boards Arrangements. Comparative Macroeconomic Analysis"

Laszlo-Lajos Kocsis
"Aspects of Corporate Governance in Transition in Hungary and Romania"

Miroslav Kolev
"Preferential Trade Agreements and World Trade: A Theoretical Example"

Radu Munteanu
"Is There an Optimal Structure for the Capital Markets in the CEE region?"

Laszlo Paizs
"Economic Organization and Regulation of a Market-Based Electricity Industry. A Comparative Institutional Analysis"

Arman Khatchatrian
"The Role of Capital Markets In Transition"

Daniel Stachowiak
"The Analysis of Anti-trust Court Rulings From the Perspective of Game Theory"

Alexander Petrov
"Comparative Analysis of Market Volatility on the Budapest and Vienna Stock Exchanges (using System Dynamics STELLA® Research Software)"

Zoltan Vajda
"The Macroeconomic Implications a Pension Reform"

Barbara Bukhvalova
"Modelling Hours of Work and Multiple Job-Holding Behavior in Labor-Owned Enterprises in Russia"

Ivana Milanovic
"Economics of Crime. Case of Serbia and Montenegro"

Valeriu Omer
"In Search for a Stable Money Demand Function for Transition Economies. The Case of Hungary and Romania"

Shavkat Mingaliev
"Aggregate Labour Market Developments And Policies In The Republic of Uzbekistan"

Pawel Jackowski
"Empirical Comparison of Economic Growth Models. Application for Poland"

Ravshan Kuchkarov
"Prospects for Creation of Export Processing Zones in the Republic of Uzbekistan"

Amaljia Korac
"Pyramidal Ponzi Schemes: Particularities in Transitional Economies"

Preslava Kovatchevska
"Banking and Currency Crises in Bulgaria: 1996-1997"

Ivo Kocian
"Independence of Central Banks, Inflation and Growth. Transition Countries Perspective"

Velko Kalaidjiev
"Bank Soundness and Currency Board Arrangements: The Experience of Bulgaria"

Karen Hovhanissian
"Firms in Uncertainty: Specificity, Flexibility, Learning and Innovation"

Roman Vovk
"Eastern European Enlargement of the EU and Its Economic Effects on Countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States"

Taron Ganjalyan
"Cross-Section Of Stock Returns: Academics Vs. Practitioners"

Maria Guecheva
"Exchange Rate Pegging as an Anti-inflation Strategy"

Norbert Maier
"How to design a central bank. The case of ECB"

Alush Gashi
"Prospects for the Open Market Economy in Kosova and its Development Strategy"

Attila Korpos
"Cyclical Optimal Growth in a Semi-Open Economy"

Stefka Christova
"The Role of Foreign Investment for the Development of the Bulgarian Economy"

Alexandru Chirmiciu
"Regional Focus of Economists and the Success of Transition"

Ivan Tchakarov
"Currency Board Arrangements. Rationale for Their Introduction, Advantages and Disadvantages. Practical Application in Bulgaria. First Results and Perspectives"

Dorjdari Namkhaijantsan
"Banking Development, its Determinants and Impact on Output: Case of Mongolia"

Teodora Shamandoura
"Leading Indicators of Banking Crises in Transition Economies"

Milos Blaskovan
"Growing Through Finance? Empirical Study of Visegrad Group"

Evelina Mengova
"European Integration of Bulgaria. Trade Aspects"

Gabor Virag
"Regulatory Structure, Commitment and Investments in the Elctricity Industry of the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland"

Adam Reiff
"Short-term Economic Forecasts: An Application to Hungary"

Svetlana Kniazeva-Parilova
"Enterprise Restructuring and Soft Budget Constraint Syndrom. Implications for Russia"

Simona Mateut
"Analysis of Bank Portfolio Quality - Case Study: Romania"

Iva Takova
"The Influence Of Ownership Structure On Company Restructuring and Performance. The Case Of Hungarian Privatisation"

Pavel Dochlov
"Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in China"

Gregory Pavlov
"Modeling Institutions of Contract Enforcement".

Jozsef Fucsko
"Impact Assessment of Selected Environment Related Policies with a Computable General Equilibrium Model of the Hungarian Economy"

Svetlana Surkova
"Capital Structure And Financing Decisions: Theory And Applications (On the Example of Manufacturing Firms)"